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Suburban Families Receive Letters Accusing Students Of Gang Involvement

Chicago (CBS) -- Letters sent to dozens of south suburban parents accused their kids of being involved with gangs, but parents said the allegations are not true.

Homewood-Flossmoor High School wrote to families saying they had to attend one of three mandatory meetings Saturday. If they failed to show up, the principal warned students would be "excluded" from the school.

Parents said they are not happy about how this is being handled, and the students said they feel singled out for no reason.

Jalen McElroy received one of the letters, which stated he had "either directly or through association been involved in what is considered gang activity".

In the letter, the principal said deans at the school have done their own investigations over the last few months.

"It kind of puts a scarlet letter on the back of the students who were 'invited'," said Eddy "Precise" Lamarre whose son Kahlid received a letter.

The students also worry about the letters' consequences.

"Now, it's kind of like teachers look at us differently," Jalen said.

"We met with parents in order to share information and solicit their assistance in maintaining a safe school environment for all of our students," Dr. Jerry Lee Anderson, the school's principal, said in a statement. "If one parent or one student walked out of today's meeting informed and better prepared for success, then the meeting was worthwhile."

Despite the school's concerns of criminal activity, there was no mention of police being involved and no police were at yesterday's meeting.

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