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Google Fiber Passes Over Chicago For Super Fast Internet

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Google has announced a plan to bring super-fast Internet to more U.S. cities.

Chicago got skunked.

What's up with that Mr. High Tech Mayor?

Rahm Emanuel has said that he wants to transform Chicago into a high-tech super center and has touted many initiatives over the past few years to get there. The mayor's has a plan to greatly expand the city's tech sector.

Yet, Google, ignored us.

Under the plan called Google Fiber, the tech giant wants to set up fiber Internet networks in cities that would be up to 100 times faster than basic broadband speeds.

So far, Google has three "fiber cities": Provo, Utah and Kansas City, Mo and Austin, Texas. It wants to add nine more.

(Google Fiber)

Google said in a statement that it chose these cities because they "are led by people who have been working hard to bring faster Internet speeds and the latest technologies to their residents."

What about Chicago?

"Not for now," said Google, adding it has a lot of work ahead with the cities it has chosen.

In a blog post from last week, Google addressed what cities can do to help set up a fiber network.

The city is working to expand fiber connectivity on its own.

Last year, the City Council approved a plan to acquire more fiber optic space, in a move the mayor said would help make "Chicago the most connected city in the world."


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