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Glen Ellyn Church Holds Vigil For Las Vegas

(CBS) -- A Glen Ellyn church is having a prayer vigil this evening at 7 o'clock to honor the victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

It is the First Congregational Church of Glen Ellyn that's having the prayer vigil. The gathering is inspired in part by another candlelight vigil in Glen Ellyn earlier this week, one held a day after the Las Vegas shootings.

"It was windy and my candle kept blowing out -- they all did," Seth Carey, senior pastor at First Congregational Church, tells WBBM's Steve Miller.

"And I made this remark when my candle blew out. I said, 'It's hard to keep hope alive.' Everyone sort of groaned because I have a tendency to say depressing things like that sometimes."

Carey continues: "But I wasn't trying to be depressing because the truth is, what I was going to say is, it's hard to keep hope alive. But we do it for each other. Because we kept lighting each other's candles as they kept blowing out.

"And I thought that was a beautiful metaphor."


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