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Glamor Magazine Plus-Size Feature Sparks Debate On Body Labels

(CBS) -- What size is plus size? And does size really even matter? Questions and controversy after Glamour Magazine featured celebrity comedian Amy Schumer in its plus-size issue. Schumer says she is not plus size.

CBS 2's Audrina Bigos spoke to local women about the issue. She reports they are sounding off, saying size is nothing but a number.

Amy Schumer didn't know she was featured in the magazine's plus-size issue.
She claims she's a size 6 to 8, not plus-size and labels are unnecessary.

Bigos talked to women of all sizes at a belly dancing class at Hip Circle Studios in Evanston. They weighed in on the plus size debate.

"This is a 'regular size' woman being labeled as plus size, and that's really confusing to women who are still struggling with body image and definitely to middle school and high school girls when they're still forming that idea of who they are and how they fit into the world," Malik says.

Glamor did respond to Schumer saying the magazine did not explicitly call her plus size and that they are sorry if they offended her in any way.

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