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Girl Vows Not To Shave Her Legs Until NHL Lockout Ends

(WSCR) In an act of protest, 17-year-old hockey fan Maggie Wagner isn't shaving her legs until the NHL lockout ends.

Yahoo! Sports caught up with Wagner to discuss her protest.

Here's a brief synopsis of the interview.

Yahoo!: Why did you start this mission?

Wagner: "I wanted to do something to make everyone around me suffer through the lockout with me. I just decided to not shave my leg hair because Paul Bissonnette tweeted something about growing a lockout beard, which I obviously can't do."

Yahoo!:Apologies if you've already addressed this, but this is some kind of feminist spin on a playoff beard right?

Wagner: "It's fine, and yes, you can call it that!"

Yahoo!: I saw on your feed you want to raise lockout awareness with this protest; how so?

Wagner: "Where I live hockey is just not a thing. People don't watch it, they don't even think about it. So one of my goals was to get the people around me, however they reacted to my leg hair, to ask me about hockey, and the lockout. ... None of them knew what a lockout was before this. Now they know. I decided I wanted people all around the world on Twitter to see my leg hair and realize that it is as ridiculous as this lockout."

And, here's a picture.

Credit: Twitter



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