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Truck Driver Vindicated, Offered Job Back After Spotty Cell Signal Got Him Fired; 'I Wasn't Texting And Driving'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A truck driver who was fired for texting while driving was offered his job back, plus back pay, after a CBS 2 report analyzed the allegations against him.

Nestle truck driver Glen Kraft's driving log showed he was on the road when his boss received a text message from him. Company policy prohibits texting while driving, but Kraft argued he pressed send on the text while parked on the shoulder.

"I wasn't texting and driving. When I sent that text out, I was sitting on the shoulder," he said.

CBS 2 tested the same road where Kraft said he stopped to send the text, and found signal issues, and a Boost Mobile map shows service is spotty in the location where Kraft had pulled over.

While a CBS 2 photographer was filming there, he used his work phone to text a picture to his personal phone. That message didn't come through for nine minutes.

"They say the signal could loop for 10 to 15, 20 minutes before it catches a signal, and that apparently is going to be the time it stamps on the sent text," Kraft said.

Nestle initially fired Kraft over the text he sent his boss, but reversed its decision after CBS 2 reported on the cell signal problems. The company even offered him back pay.

However, Kraft found a new job, and resigned.

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