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FedEx Returns Lucky The Dolphin To Brookfield Zoo So He Can Undergo Advanced Cancer Treatment

BROOKFIELD, Ill. (CBS) -- FedEx returned has returned a 47-year-old dolphin named Lucky to Brookfield Zoo, as he undergoes advanced cancer treatment.

Lucky had lived at Brookfield Zoo previously, but had been residing at a facility in Florida since 2008. He had been undergoing treatment after being diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma – a type of skin and oral cancer.

When it became clear that Lucky needed advanced treatment, the Chicago Zoological Society contacted FedEx, which stepped in to transport him back to Brookfield Zoo.

FedEx offered assistance as part of its FedEx Cares "Delivering for Good" initiative, in which it lends its services to organizations with mission-critical needs, the zoo said.
"We are so happy to have Lucky back at Brookfield Zoo, although we wish it were under different circumstances," Rita Stacey, curator of marine mammals for CZS, said in a news release. "Due to Lucky's calm nature, he is making this important medical treatment easy to accomplish by being 100 percent cooperative."

Lucky has received constant treatments after his treatments from staff – who reward him with an extra-special fish like a large herring or salmon. He will go on undergoing cryotherapy treatments, for which the frequency will depend on how he responds.

"Brookfield Zoo is now Lucky's permanent home," Stacey said in the release. "He is such a special animal and we want to provide him with the necessary medical care to ensure he has the best quality of life during his golden years."

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