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Police Search For Vehicle In Deadly Hit-And-Run That Killed 32-Year-Old Ashburn Man

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Newly released surveillance video shows the vehicle wanted in a deadly hit-and-run in Chicago's Ashburn neighborhood late Tuesday night.

At 82nd Street and Kedzie Avenue during the day, traffic is constant.

But when darkness comes with fewer eyes on the road, cameras still roll, and one camera at a restaurant where workers left for the night recorded the final moments of Kenneth Burvender's life Tuesday around 11 p.m.

The video shows a vehicle speed by and hit him. His body goes rolling into the street toward the sidewalk. The driver of the van kept going.

Video shows a crowd gather around, pulling up to stop and help him, but the 32-year-old Chicago native and Bogan High School graduate died of his injuries.

Burvender lived only about a three minute drive away from where that driver hit him. He stayed at a home at 83rd place with his grandparents.

His grandmother said she has no idea why he was out that night. She did say her grandson walked everywhere and did not drive. 

City data shows sixteen vehicle crashes since last year on the block where he died. Three of them ended in serious injuries. Four of the crashes were hit-and-runs. 

Chicago police put out a picture of the type of vehicle that struck Burvender. They're looking for a similar 2008 to 2016 Chrysler minivan with silver paint. 

snapshot - 2021-04-07T181555.305

Police say that vehicle could also have a missing side-view mirror. It is the only type of identifying information they're telling to the public right now about what could lead to a suspect in this case.


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