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Fall Fashion Guide

By Hyacynth Worth

The mother of two little boys, I often feel like I'm lucky if I sneak in a shower where I can wash my hair without having to stop part way through to referee a game of light sabering. That said, keeping up with fashion and being fashionable (when simply keeping up with bathing is a task) doesn't always come super easy when little ones are under foot. (Also, what do you mean the Princess Leia hair buns aren't in style?)

But I think working fashion into life is worth it. Not only is it creative expression, it's also self-esteem boosting. I admit to walking a little taller when (I've showered and) I don't feel like I've stepped out of the 1980s. (Scratch that. The '80s are back this season, so I can walk tall in my off-the-shoulder shirts.) So, in my book, being stylish has to be easy, it has to be affordable and it has to allow me to move freely enough to exert ninja-like reflexes and lightning-quick movement for those moments when my youngest decides to test his cat-like balance across the top beam of the swing set. Here's a guide to this fall's fashion for the busy (showered or non-showered) mom, listing staple wardrobe pieces that can be mixed and matched with clothing from your closet and drawers.

Banana Republic


Skinny jeans are still holding strong this fall, so go ahead and jump in if you haven't already. You'll find plenty of bold-colored denims, but if you're seeking staples, stick with the popular, chic and versatile indigo-washed jeans. You can always add the bright, vibrant colors, which are extremely fashionable this season, in accessory or shirt form, as both typically are less expensive than jeans.

As for pants, slim ankle crops are extremely trendy and cute – perfect wear for out to dinner or if you're in the office. Black pants are timeless, but if you're going for a little trendier, try deep shades of blue or mustard yellow on for size.

If you love skirts, now is the time to wear them before it gets too cold! Pencil skirts that hit just above the knee are the choice for this autumn – go colorful or get a little girly and try a lace-lined skirt on for size, as lace is a pretty winner for the season as well.

This skirt from Banana Republic is feminine, classy and completely on board with this season's look.



Designers picked a good year for warm and cozy sweaters to line the shelves in Chicago as we've had perfect sweater weather during the month of September, and it looks promising to remain the same for October. Cable knit or plain patterned, fitted or slouchy are all good choices – the warmer and cozier the better (and the more fashionable!).

Military-inspired looks are trendy right now, and sailor-stripe shirts are in abundance. Maybe you're not keen on wearing horizontal stripes as you've been following the old rule of thumb about how vertical or solids is more slimming? You don't have to miss out on the cuteness of horizontal if you layer your stripes on the bottom and have them peaking out from beneath a slouchy sweater's collar line or waist.

This Loft cropped-sleeve shirt in colorful yellow and white stripes is a super-cute piece that can be worn alone or layered.


Color and Accessories

Be it shirts or pants, scarves or jewelry, bright, bold colors are in – especially burgundy, dark blue and deep yellows. Add color to your outfit by picking one vibrant colorful shirt or a pair of pants and then mix in a splash of another complimentary color with a scarf, bracelet or handbag. Accessories are my favorite way to be fashionable because they are just so darn easy to pick out and pop on. My absolute favorite fall accessory is a colorful hand-knit cowl or a pretty lace cowl (like the one pictured to the right) paired with a deep-toned shirt, indigo blue jeans and knee-high boots. Bonus if your boots are leather because leather is also a hot trend this season.

Worth mentioning is the layered necklace look; the softness of pearls contrasted with the boldness of chains makes for a chic, city look.



While knee-high boots are still stylish this fall (and can I just say I love wearing them especially with skinny jeans), ankle boots have walked their way into the spotlight. No matter the height, boots are amazingly versatile because they are both park appropriate and date-night worthy; a simple switch of the shirt and accessories with the right pair of boots and jeans can take mom from diapers to dinner on the town.

Find stylish boots, shoes and more at Chicago's own Forest Bootery.

Great Chicago-Area Shops

E Street Denim (Highland Park)

Clothes Minded (Chicago)

Forest Bootery (Lake Forest and Libertyville)

And these shops found through Chicago and the suburbs:

Banana Republic


All Saints

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