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Eviction Of Disabled Chicago Woman Raises Red Flags

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A 59-year-old disabled woman is on the brink of homelessness after an eviction, but her attorney says it never should have happened.

CBS 2's Dana Kozlov explains in this original report.

Sandra Lee's apartment is empty now and all of her belongings are gone, just days after what Lee claims was her wrongful eviction.

"I was supposed to get a five day notice and I am supposed to be served a summons to court so I could have my day in court to explain what is occurring with this thing. I didn't get any of that," said Lee.

Lee moved into an Englewood two-flat last summer and concedes she missed two rent payments. Her landlord, Steve Haidos, says he properly served her notice before Cook County Sheriff's deputies kicked her out. Not so, says Lee's attorney.

"According to the courts own records, this was never served by the Sheriff," said Attorney Charles Drennen.

Drennen says Lee was evicted despite a motion to put the matter on hold. Then, he says Lee was not allowed back into her apartment despite a judge's order last Friday basically overturning the eviction and ordering her reinstatement for now.

"And the landlord here is in complete and outright defiance of a court order stating that," said Drennen.

Raising a potential red flag is the fact that the landlord's brother in law, Luke Hatzipetros, is not only listed as a plaintiff to these eviction proceedings, he is also a Cook County sheriff's deputy.

"I would be curious to know why this eviction was treated differently than others," said Drennen.

"I don't think it's fair," said Lee.

Cara Smith, the head of policy for the Sheriff's Department, says they were unaware of the motion to put the eviction on hold. But Smith says she will immediately begin investigating why Sandra Lee has not been allowed back into her apartment, as ordered by a judge.

As for Lee's belongings, the landlord tells Kozlov they are in storage but did not tell say where.

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