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Chatham Community Shaken By Death of Popular 82-Year-Old

CHICAGO (CBS)--The Chatham community is mourning the death of a popular 82-year-old great-grandfather who was gunned down while walking his dog two weeks ago.

Homer Donehue died Sunday after being treated for gun shot wounds he sustained July 13 at the corner of 82nd and Wentworth. 

Police said two people walking behind Donehue that night were the intended targets in the shooting that claimed his life. '

Around the neighborhood, people fondly called Donehue "The Mayor" and "Pa Pa."

Neighbor Jesse Rosebur described Donehue as a father figure. Standing on the corner where his friend was shot, he shared memories of Donehue with CBS 2's Jim Williams on Monday.

"He knew everything--he knew about politics, he knew about the streets--he knew everything," Rosebur said.

Police are still trying to find Donehue's killer. His death on Sunday stirred the community's pain deeper.

Crisis responder Andrew Holmes reflected on the loss of Donehue, his cousin, at the place where he was shot.

"We're still at square one, just trying to get the community to step up those who have eyes and ears see it," Holmes said.

Williams reports that investigators are looking into the possibility that occupants of a house in the 8200 block of of South Wentworth might have a connection to the shooting.

Police say they can't reveal additional details, but said they have been to a home on the street where neighbors say police have responded to noise and other problems in the past.

A woman who answered the door at the home identified herself as the owner and told CBS 2 off-camera that there have been no problems involving the police.

City records show the homeowner as a 78-year-old man. He didn't return calls from CBS.

"I've been holding back, fighting back tears," Holmes said. "It's tough."

Community leaders are planning to meet with police and Alderman Howard Brookins to discuss preventing crime in West Chatham.

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