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Donald Trump And Daughter Raising Campaign Cash In Illinois On Wednesday

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his daughter both were scheduled to visit Illinois on Wednesday, to raise money for his race against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump was set to return to Chicago for the second time since his aborted campaign rally at UIC in March. He came to Chicago in July for a private fundraiser at Trump International Hotel and Tower.

His first stop on Wednesday was scheduled a private event at the Polish National Alliance in the Sauganash neighborhood at 9 a.m.

Trump spent more than an hour at the Polish National Alliance. He first met with about 25 Polish-American leaders for a roundtable discussion. He also spoke to about 200 community members, many of whom said they are undecided on the race for president.

"I pledge to you a Trump administration will be a true friend to Poland, and to all Polish Americans, and I have to tell you I'm very good for jobs. In fact, I will be the greatest president for jobs that God ever created, that I can tell you," Trump said.

The organization said it was not endorsing Trump, and invited Hillary Clinton to speak there as well.

Small groups of both Trump supporters and protesters gathered across the street while Trump was at the Polish National Alliance. Earlier, while it was still dark, vandals painted graffiti on the front door and at the back parking lot, cursing Trump in English and Polish.

After the event at the Polish National Alliance, Trump headed to a fundraising luncheon in Bolingbrook. Tickets for the luncheon cost between $1,000 and $250,000.

In Bolingbrook, his motorcade will be greeted by a couple hundred people gathered outside the Bolingbrook Golf Course. Trump supporters and opponents occupied the same "peaceful demonstration zone" behind barricades across the street from the fundraiser.

Bolingbrook attorney Joe Giamanco said Trump has attacked virtually every demographic but one.

"His hatred that he's spewed has attacked just about every group, frankly, except for me. I'm the only demographic he hasn't attacked; white guy with a business, who's married. Everybody else has been a subject of attack for him. A large part of our community has been hurt," he said. "I absolutely fear a Trump presidency. I'm absolutely fearful that he has even a shot at it."

Trump supporter Judy Gardner said Trump's opponents are only afraid, because "They're not going to get anything free anymore. They're going to have to go to work like the rest of us."

Gardner said she felt compelled to show up, because Trump is "the man."

Meantime, Trump's daughter Ivanka was scheduled to attend a "coffee and conversation" event in Quincy on Wednesday, followed by a luncheon in Peoria, and then a cocktail reception in Chicago in the evening.

Donald Trump was in Florida on Tuesday for a campaign rally, where he said he won Monday night's debate with Hillary Clinton, and criticized the former U.S. Secretary of State for her policies.

Trump reinforced the need to use controversial stop-and-frisk tactics in Chicago.

"A policy like stop-and-frisk in Chicago, especially – where it's going crazy – could save thousands of lives just like it saved thousands of lives in New York City," he said.

Meanwhile, Clinton was in North Carolina, where she announced she will team up with former Democratic rival Bernie Sanders to push for a plan to make college debt-free.

"We're also going to work so that you can refinance the debt you already have at a much lower rate," she said at a campaign rally.

Vice President Joe Biden also was hitting Chicago on Wednesday, for a fundraiser to help U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth in her bid to unseat U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk.

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