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Dinkel's Bakery closing its doors after 101 years of service this weekend

Dinkel's Bakery closing after 101 years 00:48

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Time is running out to get one last taste of the legendary sweets at Dinkel's Bakery.

"He's never been to Dinkel's, so I wanted to make sure that was a life experience for him," one customer said. 

We found long lines this morning in Lakeview as people waited for the delicious donuts, Danishes, cookies, and so much more.

When we were there, nine people still outside the door said they'd been waiting for more than an hour. at one point - the line stretched to the end of the block -- but one customer told us it's deserving of your time.

"We got here at like 6:50 and we just got our donuts. The line took forever. We just got our donuts but it's worth it," Felix said. 

The family-owned business has been serving customers for 101 years.

The relative who's in charge tried to retire by selling the business, but that didn't work out.

Dinkel's closes its doors Saturday.

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