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Democrats Join Business, Environmental Leaders In Push For President Obama's Clean Power Plan

(CBS) -- Congress members are joining business, religious and environmental leaders in pushing for President Barack Obama's "Clean Power Plan," reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Congressman Bobby Rush says President Obama's plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants will not only mean cleaner air but cleaner and greener jobs as well and low income areas need them.

But fellow Democratic Congressman Mike Quigley says passing the bill is no easy matter.

"Unfortunately, climate change remains a partisan issue in Congress," Quigley said. "I work side-by-side with members who don't believe in evolution, who believe that dinosaurs were figments of our imagination."


Patrick Woodson with E.On Renewable Energy says climate change is real and so is the need for a companion Illinois clean jobs bill.

"That legislation could double the actual install capacity here in Illinois, creating both an environmental and an economic benefit for the state," Woodson said.

Critics say the plans will hike electricity costs but Attorney General Lisa Madigan says they will work hard to keep those rates low.

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