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Masked Burglars Go On Rampage In Deerfield, Other North Suburbs

DEERFIELD, Ill. (CBS) -- Masked burglars went on a crime spree in north suburban Deerfield early Monday, hitting four or five places over a short time period.

As CBS 2's Jeremy Ross reported, surveillance video showed the crooks in action – smashing their way into a gas station and cleaning out the cash register.

The crime only took minutes.

"There was just a pile of glass on the floor inside and outside," said Deerfield BP owner Dave Welch

At least three burglars busted into the gas station early Monday. One criminal was seen hearing behind the counter – his face behind a mask, his hands covered in gloves reaching into the register, eventually clutching a stash of ill-gotten cash.

That was before or after the crew hit another business nearby.

"It feels violating at this point that these kinds of things happen," Welch said – adding that the burglars "absolutely knew" they were on video."

"They don't care, and it's a shame," he said.

It was back to business for Welch on Monday afternoon. But it was far from business as usual for his station's door, or another gas station's entrance a short drive away.

Both doors were shattered as the crimes were committed. They were part of a handful of businesses busted into around 2 a.m.

The damage to a cash drawer – which was left with ripped electrical wires – showed the force involved.

But the costumed crew was also after another target – one some stations proudly advertise.

"It was all about the ATM, because the JUUL pods are still right here," Welch said. "They could have taken those."

In at least two locations, the ATMs were secured well enough to prevent theft. The alarm scared off the burglars before they could separate the machines for the walls.

But security systems did little to rattle the rash of break-ins early Monday morning.

Hours later, business owners were still processing the physical and emotional damage.

"I would like to see them arrested and prosecuted and taken from there," Welch said.

Deerfield police late Monday were working with the surveillance video. Business owners said the crew went from place to place in a white Jeep – adding that places in Deerfield, Lake Forest, and North Chicago were hit.

CBS 2 reached out to those municipalities' police departments for more information. Our calls had not been returned as of late Monday afternoon.


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