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Deerfield Ban On Assault Rifles On Pause Following Court Ruling

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Village of Deerfield's ban on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines is on pause after a court ruling Tuesday.

The ordinance passed April 2nd and took effect April 13th.

Residents were supposed to have until tomorrow to get the banned weapons out of the Village of Deerfield, but that ruling changed Tuesday.

Deerfield neighbor Timothy Murphy says he respects people's right to own firearms, but has a different attitude towards assault rifles.

"I really don't think there's a need for assault weapons with all the violence that's going on right now," Murphy said.

The Village of Deerfield passed a ban on assault rifles and high-capacity ammunition magazines. Violators of the ban would face possible confiscation, destruction of weapons, and daily fines up to $1,000.

Hours before any enforcement of the ban, a judge stepped in and issued a temporary restraining order.

"My clients are very pleased. They understand that this is but a step, but an important step," stated Attorney David Sigale.

Sigale represents a gun owner and gun advocacy groups with the Illinois State Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation. He argued Deerfield's assault rifle ban was illegal under state law and undermined his client's rights, adding that a judge agreed with him.

"I understand how people feel about not wanting their weapons taken away," stated Deerfield resident Debbie Pickus. "I just feel society has gotten a bit crazy."

The Village of Deerfield says it will honor the ruling, but said, "We are certainly going to review all of the options, including the right to appeal the decision to the Illinois Appellate Court."

"For us," said Sigale, "the next step is asking for a permanent injunction or summary judgment, a final judgment in the case."

The request could come sometime in the next two weeks.

The Village may continue the legal fight but that is unknown at this time. Village officials say they will know more on their course of action in the coming days and weeks ahead.

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