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D.J. Moore's Barber Helps Him Stay A Cut Above

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Barber is a bad word to Bears fans right now, but D.J. Moore's barber is one of his favorite people. The diminutive defensive back likes to stay a cut above – both on and off the field.

As CBS 2's Jill Carlson found out on a visit to the barber shop, D.J.'s distinctive hairstyle definitely matches his personality.

Bears cornerback D.J. Moore always finds a way to stand out, be it his ball hawking skills or wrestling skills on the football field, or his one-of-a-kind hair styles. Moore knows how to get noticed.

"Playing football for a regular haircut doesn't work anymore," says D.J. Moore. "People recognize me a little bit though. One guy came up to me, "you've got that D.J. Moore haircut." "I'm the only one with this. Nobody else can get this cut from me."

Donald Stallworth's been the preferred barber of many Bears over the years from his North Chicago Shop named Hair Gallery. His wall of fame features some future Hall of Famers like Brian Urlacher.

D.J. is one of his best customers, coming in twice a week every week.

Moore stands out in his family too, as a success story. It's been a lifetime of struggle. His mother is currently battling a drug addiction. His sister and two brothers have done prison time and his older brother, Eddie, was killed in what's likely a drug related shooting this past May.

"It was tough, really tough. But I know with the line of work, I guess you could call it work, you had to know stuff like that could happen and I was worried about my mom," adds Moore.

Moore's the strong individual others turn to when they need help and he doesn't see his upbringing as being any different from a lot of others.

"Don't make excuses for yourself to say, my wasn't there, my mom's going through this. No excuse for acting bad. Keep your head up," says D.J. Moore.

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