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CTU: Teachers Should Be Able To Opt Out Of In-Person Learning Because Of COVID

CHICAGO (CBS) --The Chicago Teachers Union said its members have the right to refuse going back to the classroom, because of ongoing unsafe COVID-19 conditions in Chicago Public Schools.

The union held a Zoom meeting Wednesday morning to oppose the required return of staff to CPS buildings.

"We are fighting for our students' safety, their family's safety, our safety and believe it or not, your safety your brothers' and sisters' safety of this union," said CTU member Deanna Myron of Curie High School.

CTU said the district needs to make more testing available, have a clearer mask policy and let teachers work from home if they choose to, especially when they or their family have fragile medical conditions.

CPS warned any teachers who don't show up for in-classroom instruction could face discipline.

CPS CEO Doctor Janice Jackson said many CPS parents are essential workers, and don't have the option of staying home and supporting remote learning.

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