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'Nobody called me': CPS parent upset after her child came home with a broken collarbone and no one at school notified her

'Nobody called me' 02:35

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Chicago Public school mom wants to know why her daughter came home from school with a broken collarbone and she was never called!

Only on CBS 2 Marissa Perlman reports from Parkside Elementary School after speaking with both mom and daughter and how the district is reacting.

Malagia Manley hasn't been back to school in South Shore since Friday. She said she was picked on at recess when she fell and broke her collarbone. She said no adult was there watching to help her.

She said she can smile now, at home with her mom, with her shoulder in a sling. But said she didn't deserve what happened to her inside the Parkside Academy gym on Friday.

"I felt like I was being attacked and I said 'stop' and then I walked away," Manley said.

The third grader said two of her classmates followed chucking dodgeballs at her face and chest during recess. She fell and landed on her shoulder.

"I literally fell on my arm."

"She's special needs. She's autistic. She's diagnosed with autism. The children see that she's not like them."

Her mom Linda Gregory worries no one was there to intervene.

"Where was the teacher at," asked Gregory. Her daughter said "they weren't there."

Malagia said a teachers aide helped her up after she got hurt but isn't sure if any adult saw what happened and she never saw a school nurse. Instead, she tells us she sat for hours in the cafeteria, in pain, until school was dismissed. And her mother was never called.

It wasn't until Malagia got home that her mom knew something was wrong.

One shoulder was up and one shoulder was down," said her mother. "I called the ambulance because I didn't know what to do."

After x-rays at Comer Children's Hospital, a report from her doctor said she broke her collarbone during that fall.

"I don't want to see my child go through pain," Gregory said, who added that she's now scared to send her daughter back, even though Malagia loves school. She's worried this could happen again and she wont know.

"Nobody called me. Nobody informed me that she was hurt," lamented Gregory.

Malagia's mom said she's spoken with the Parkside Academy Principal, but there was no explanation for the lack of supervision- or why she wasn't called.

Chicago Public Schools said safety is a top priority and it will be investigating this incident.


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