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Chicagoans Donate Blood For Vegas Victims

CHICAGO (CBS) -- People are lining up to help victims of the Las Vegas shooting by lying down and giving blood.

Inside the building that the Bottled Blonde calls home on Wells and Illinois, people troubled about what happened far from home are eagerly walking in to help.

On the third floor, members of LifeSource have turned the space into a place of giving. There are small tables set up with privacy walls for each and to the side, snacks and water.

Brian Gardner with the Gardner Foundation put it together.

"Monday morning, my girlfriend and I were sitting at breakfast. She's a nurse. We started calling police departments, the biggest hospitals out there. We were ready to get on a flight to go out and see if we could help," said Gardner. "And they said they needed two things: blood and nurses."

Specifically nurses dealing with mental health needs.

Blood donated today will help replenish what was already sent to Vegas by LifeSource.  The blood drive goes until 4:00.

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