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'Boom!': Residents Wake Up To Storm Damage Throughout Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) --The sound of chainsaws buzzed on Friday morning.

Crews are cleaning up fallen trees after a storm whipped through the Chicago area.

CBS 2's Mugo Odigwe reports on what the storm left behind.

Part of a tree broke off because of the strong wind. It came tumbling down and as branches broke off, and landed on a car, heavily damaging the vehicle.

In West Pullman on Wallace near 115th, another tree that fell on a car. There was a CPD officer helping neighbors remove big branches.

There was standing water on 103rd Street near Doty. On 95th and Ashland, frustrated drivers honked their horns at each other after the storm knocked out the street lights.

Over on Princeton Avenue and 108th Place, a tree was cut in half, possibly after being hit by lightning. Part of it is blocking off the front of a house.

It's a similar story near 94th and South Laflin where a giant tree here blocking off the entire street.

And on East 71st Place, a silver car was crushed by  a huge tree. The owner of the car said he heard it when the tree came down.

"Boom. It just sounded like the wind had just, you could hear it hit the car and the pool," said John Hooker.

He said the sound alone was terrifying.

"Because we didn't know what it was. You know to hear something that loud. I guess it was most of the concrete. I don't know what it was," he said.

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