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Chicago Schools Chief May Be Due Another $250,000

Schools Boss Will Be On Paid Leave

(CBS) – The head of Chicago Public Schools will draw pay while she's on leave during a federal investigation, and she may be due another $250,000 before too long.

CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett will be paid until her unused vacation and other paid time off is used up. There's no word from CPS on what happens after that.

Her contract would have expired June 30. WBBM Newsradio has learned Byrd-Bennett exercised an option to extend her contract for another year. CPS may have to pay her for that year, Cisco Cotto reports. Her base salary is $250,000 per year.

It's possible the contract could be nullified in the event of criminal charges. Byrd-Bennett has not been accused of wrongdoing.

Byrd-Bennett took the helm of CPS in 2012 following a teachers strike that effectively ousted her predecessor, J.S. Brizard.

She is stepping aside as federal authorities investigate CPS – reportedly a $20 million no-bid contract awarded to an education firm for which Byrd-Bennett once worked.

Filling in for her will be Jesse Ruiz, a Board of Education member.



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