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Chicago Food Trucks Required To Continue Keeping Distance From Restaurants Under Supreme Court Ruling

CHICAGO (CBS)--The Illinois Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Chicago's food truck ordinance is constitutional. 

The ruling marks a defeat for food truck operators because it means food trucks in the city will have to continue to stay at least 200 feet away from restaurants.

Food trucks are also required to be equipped with GPS trackers monitored by the city.

Food Truck Social

Chicago food truck owner Laura Pekarik runs Cupcakes for Courage. She filed a lawsuit in 2012 claiming the city's food truck ordinance was designed to help restaurants succeed at the expense of their mobile competitors.

City officials said they supported the ruling to uphold the existing restrictions on where food trucks can park.

"We are pleased with this decision, and we have always maintained that our food truck regulations strike the right balance between the interests of food trucks and restaurants," said Rosa Escareno, Commissioner of the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, in a statement.


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