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Chicago City Council To Questions CPD Superintendent Brown On Friday

CHICAGO (CBS) --  At Chicago City Council - where aldermen will question Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown about his summer safety strategy.

Here's what's know about the plan:

Police will have a bigger presence on the streets with officers working extra hours and days off cancelled until Monday.

CPD has also engaged community groups to work with them to keep the peace.

But the superintendent said he knows just how important is is for the police to be visible this weekend.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was not happy about the emergency council meeting, calling it "political theater."

She added that since January, all 50 aldermen have been invited to a series of briefings by police.

"We do want to increase our contacts with the public both offenders and the general public who need our presence to feel safe and be safe," she said.

You can watch the City Council meeting with CPD Superintendent Brown on our streaming network CBSN Chicago right after the 11:00 news. You'll find it in the CBS Chicago app and at cbschicago. com.



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