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Career Coach: Resumes Formats

CHICAGO (CBS)-- What type of resume works best for you and your work experience?

That's what we're asking our career coach, as we continue Working for Chicago through this job crisis.

First, let's look at the two resume options.

"The chronological resume shows your experience in chronological order starting with your most recent experience first," Lynee Alves, President of Interview Like An Expert, said. "Where a functional resume shows your skills. Highlights your skills and places less emphasis on the date of your work experience."

She said while most employers want to see a chronological resume, a functional resume format is useful for people who have gaps in their work history or are reentering the workforce.

This format is also good for people who have frequently changed jobs or are transitioning into a new career.

"Maybe they've stayed home to take care of a family member who has been ill," Alves said. "Whatever the case, sometimes using a functional resume can highlight the skills you bring to the table without emphasizing you've had a long break since you worked professionally."

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