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'Captain Challenge' Riding Bike From Chicago To California To Help Rooftop Pastor Corey Brooks Raise Funds For Woodlawn Community Center

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A man known as "Captain Challenge" is taking a cross-country trip to raise money for a new community center in Woodlawn, but he won't be revving an engine to do it.

"I'm going to be bicycling an average of 66 miles a day for 40 straight days; to arrive in Santa Monica, California, at the end of the Santa Monica Pier on March 20th," said Daniel Powell, better known as "Captain Challenge."

Powel said he was inspired to take his cross-country bike ride after meeting Pastor Corey Brooks, who is spending 100 days camping on top of a pair of shipping containers to raise money for a new community center in Woodlawn.

Brooks has already raised $8 million with his rooftop campout since starting his campaign in late November. Ten years ago, he also spent 94 days on the roof of a vacant motel that had became a haven for drug activity at the same site, to raise the money needed to buy the building and tear it down to make way for the community center he wants to build.

Powell is hoping to raise $35 million for Brooks' community center with donations through Project HOOD. You can donate on Project HOOD's website.



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