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Bridgeport Residents Compete To Find Biggest Pothole

Bridgeport Pothole
Rev. Thomas R. Gaulke found this 27-inch long, 4-inch deep pothole at 32nd Place and Aberdeen. (Credit: Bridgeport Citizens Group/Facebook)
Bridgeport Pothole
Melissa Naiman found this 24-inch long pothole at the corner of 36th and Morgan. (Credit: Bridgeport Citizens Group/Facebook)
Bridgeport Pothole 3 Lynn Barnett
Lynn Barnett found this 17-inch long pothole in front of 3000 S. Lowe Av. (Credit: Bridgeport Citizens Group/Facebook)
Bridgeport Pothole
Lynn Barnett found this 12-inch long pothole in front of 719 W. 32nd St. (Credit: Bridgeport Citizens Group/Facebook)
Bridgeport Pothole
Chris Jones found this 19-inch long pothole at 37th and Wallace. (Credit: Bridgeport Citizens Group/Facebook)

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Bridgeport community group recently held a contest to find the biggest pothole in the neighborhood.

WBBM's Mike Krauser reports the competition was an effort to help the Chicago Department of Transportation find and repair potholes in Bridgeport.

Bridgeport Citizens Group Director Daniel Pugh said, when the potholes started getting really bad this winter, his group wanted to get Bridgeport neighbors involved in reporting them to the city, so they'd be fixed.

"This was a simple way to encourage people to call in the potholes," he said.

The person who photographed and called in the largest pothole would get a $20 gift certificate to Jackalope Coffee & Tea House, along with local bragging rights.

There were only 10 entries, but Pugh said some people reported back that the city was fixing some potholes before potential contestants could report them.

"They had gone out to photograph a pothole they had seen earlier in the day, and when they came back, it had already been filled by the city," Pugh said.

The winner of the contest was Rev. Thomas Gaulke, pastor at First Lutheran Church of the Trinity at 643 W. 31st St.

"He found a 27-inch wide pothole," Pugh said.

Gaulke could not be reached for comment. He chose a great week to be in Florida.


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