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Blackhawks Win Can Be A Hangover For Business

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Blackhawks were the talk of Chicago on Tuesday, but all that celebrating might not be good for business.

CBS 2's Mai Martinez takes a look at how the big win means a big loss in productivity.

For companies like the Sports Authority, the win is certainly good business.

However, if hawking Blackhawks gear is not your business, Monday night's championship win might be bad for your bottom line.

Monday night's celebrations in Chicago gave way to a wave of sick calls, late starts and half days.

"I got in about 2 a.m.," said Bill Baran. "Don't tell my boss."

He didn't call in, but others did.

How many?

It's too early to tell, but estimates are in.

John Challenger, the CEO Challenger, Gray & Christmas, said: "In Chicago, 25 percent of the workforce is coming in late."

Challenger says that means big losses for companies.

"We see millions of dollars in productivity losses."

Challenger says national post-Super Bowl numbers are a good gauge.

"Up to $242 million in lost productivity for every 10 minutes of unproductive work time," he said.

And even those who are working, aren't as productive. Workers at Challenger know that first hand, admitting it was hard to get moving this morning.

"Oh, it was a struggle," said Sterling Gunn. "It was a struggle because I was up all last night."

Alex Piccolo added: "I did not think about calling in, but I did know that I was going to be dragging a little bit today."

While it was hard to find anyone who would admit to calling in sick today, we did find several people on their "lunch" break.

Fan Tony Gasior was honest, telling his boss " that I was out late celebrating the Hawks win, and I definitely needed the rest of the afternoon to take off."

Challenger's advice for bosses: "If you can't beat them, join them."

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