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Blackhawks Fans Upset By Predators' Attempts To Freeze Them Out

(CBS) -- The Blackhawks' quest for the Stanley Cup begins Wednesday night as they play the Predators in Nashville, and that's turning into a problem for Hawks fans.

CBS 2's Derrick Blakley explains why they're not exactly welcome.

From his Indian-head jersey to the tattoo on his arm, disabled Iraq War vet Frank Pierson is a passionate Hawks fan.

"As many games as I can get to, I'll go to," Pierson said. "As much as I can watch it, I'll watch it."

So, imagine his surprise when he phoned Nashville for tickets to Wednesday's Blackhawks playoff opener and the Predators pulled a power play.

"As soon as I gave her the zip code, she said, this order has to be cancelled," Pierson said.

It's all part of the Predators' plan to post a shut out of Hawks fans and preserve a home-ice advantage.

"I didn't think it's fair at all," Pierson said.

Not only unfair, ultimately, it's futile with so many internet re-sale sources for tickets.

The Predators threatened to not honor tickets bought on StubHub and then they backed down.

"There are tickets everywhere and they're going to let everybody in," said Steve Buzil of Sitclose Tickets.

Still, Pierson says both Nashville and the NHL should be penalized for interference.

"When there's more than half of the stadium empty, why wouldn't you want to sell those tickets?" Pierson said.

Not only are tickets available on the internet for Wednesday's game in Nashville, according to, they're far cheaper than playoff tickets at the United Center, an average of $95 a seat in Nashville versus $240 a seat in Chicago, so the expect to see plenty of red in the stands as the Hawks take the ice in Tennessee.

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