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Bike-Powered Pub Crawl Company Fights Rejection By City

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The owners of a company that operates pedal-powered pub crawls is fighting a decision by Chicago's City Hall to deny it a permit.

Its called PedalPub.

Sort of a bar on wheels. There are 16-seats facing inward. Eight on each side.

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Everybody pedals. And there's a driver who sits behind a keg.

"It seems a shame that if you want to see the city you have to so it on a tank of gas."

Matt Graham, of PedalPub Chicago says City Hall denied a permit because it sees the PedalPub as a sightseeing operation.

"Which we're not. We can never be because we don't operate a motorized vehicle."

They want to use the PedalPub to do pub crawls.

"We just want to be able to pedal from bar to bar and have a good time."

It started in Minneapolis.

A Google search turned up the Facebook group, "I Hate the PedalPub."

Members seem to hate the noise of 16 people who might be a little drunk... pedaling down the street.

"Its just part of the business, you know. Alcohol tends to create a little noise."

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