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Best Baseball Bars In Chicago

Baseball fans in Chicago are fiercely divided as either Sox fans or Cub fans. While there are the occasional clips of a Cubs fan and a Sox fan sitting side-by-side at the game, generally the two are mutually-exclusive. Regardless of who you're rooting for, Chicago offers a number of baseball bars that will enhance the viewing experience. Whether you're looking for an enthusiastic crowd to cheer with or a quiet hole-in-the-wall establishment to let you hear all the commentary, baseball bars in Chicago let you watch the game with a good drink in your hand and maybe even a bite to eat.

Cubby Bear
(Photo Credit: Cubby Bear Wrigleyville's Facebook)

The Cubby Bear
1059 W. Addison St.
Chicago, IL 60613
(773) 327-1662

Located in the Lakeview neighborhood, The Cubby Bear offers the nearby view of Wrigley Field and is thought of as a staple baseball bar for any Cubs fan. For those looking for a rambunctious crowd, The Cubby Bear is great for pre-game drinks before heading to the stadium. Get into the baseball game spirit, and surround yourself with fellow Cubs fans. With daily specials including $4 burgers and appetizers or $4 Cubby Blue Bombs, The Cubby Bear is a great place to watch the game even if it's not at the stadium.

Cork And Kerry At The Park
3258 S. Princeton Ave.
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 842-0769

Known for its pre-game or after-game experience, Cork and Kerry at the Park is decidedly a Sox bar. A rowdy crowd helps to pump you up before the game, and keep the party going even after the last pitch. For those looking to grab a bite to eat, there is no shortages for menu items. With Irish, German, classic American and even some Spanish dishes, there is something for everyone at Cork and Kerry at the Park. Make sure to wear your Sox jersey and partake in some libations with your fellow baseball fans.

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Murphy's Bleachers
3655 N. Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60613
(773) 281-5356

Conveniently located in Wrigleyville, Murphy's Bleachers is extra close to the bleacher gate with a great view. Baseball paraphernalia fills the venue, not to mention numerous flat screen televisions to watch the game. The outdoor patio opens when the weather permits, and there are even mini bars that help to keep the beers flowing while enjoying the outdoor area. Each day of the week has its own food and drink specials, so it seems there is always an excuse to check out Murphy's Bleachers for a game.

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The Stretch
3485 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 755-3980

Located in Wrigleyville, The Stretch is best known as an after-game hotspot when the Cubs play. Rather than suffering through the concession stand food at Wrigley Field, The Stretch is famous its burgers. While everyone seems to have their own favorite when it comes to the burgers sold at The Stretch, the "Wrigleyville" and the "Cortland Street" burgers seem to be the most popular. If you're looking for a place to watch the game or a place to eat and drink after the game, The Stretch is definitely one of the best options.

Sluggers World Class Sports Bar
3540 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 248-0055

Also located in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, Sluggers World Class Sports Bar isn't just for baseball fans but definitely accommodates them. There are over 30 flat screen televisions scattered throughout the venue, and even giant big screens strategically placed. Chicago sporting memorabilia lines the walls, and regular drink specials are always a draw. The location makes it convenient for pre-game or post-game activities for not just Cubs fans, but all sporting enthusiasts.

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