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Axiom Verge: How To Beat Ukhu, The Giant Hornet Thing That Poops Bees

There appears to be two ways to beat Ukhu, the fifth boss in Axiom Verge -- The quick way and the hard way.

Here's how to do both...

The quick way: glitch the bees he poops out, shooting them when they're near his face. They turn into bombs when you glitch them, so this should screw him up royally.

The way I did it: I would shoot Voranj into his mouth at an angle, or jump into the air to get it into his mouth. When he pooped bees, I would use Kilver to kill them.

To get a better idea of the fastest way to do it in speedruns, check out this speedrun video at the 35 minutes and 42 seconds mark...

Axiom Verge is out now for PS4 and PC. Hopefully it'll be coming to the Wii U eventually!

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