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Ask A Chicago Expert: Preparing For Fall Fashion

Fall is a strange time for Chicago. The weather fluctuates, nobody seems to know what to wear and these strange unwritten rules exist that urge everyone to wear forest green and dark maroon. The best way to look professional and good around town is to purposely break some of these unwritten rules while preparing outfits to be comfortable in any weather condition, as each hour is different from the next outside. It's imperative to layer outfits to shed and add on clothing to keep warm or cool. Add some colors to otherwise toned-down fall earth tones, put effort into neglected places, keep comfort in mind and be ready for all weather.Here are some tips to prep for Chicago fashion that even the most conservative dressers can implement.
Bring Out The Layers

Fall is frosty in the mornings and quite mild in the afternoons. As a result, layers are a must. They can be shed during lunch hour when temperatures hit 70's and can be put on during the morning commute and after work as temperatures drop to the 30s. Layers are especially great to hide the Thanksgiving food baby as well. 

Don't Stray From Colors

Many think of fall as the time to put away everything fun only to bring out brown and maroon. This isn't the case! Fall is a great time to bring out the burgundy but make it pop with a bit of summer rose or turquoise accessories, ties or purses. Granted, a yellow outfit might not fly in October, but a yellow shoe or yellow necklace will do wonders for otherwise toned-down colors.

Fashion Where Least Expected

Some try too hard in places where they think matter most like their jewelry or watches. However, everyone should try a bit harder on places that are a bit neglected. Men specifically can make modest fashion statements from their socks. Dress socks as well as casual ones can be found in great prints like dots, argile and even pizza print. The small bit of color shows a bit of personality without being obnoxious or inappropriate.

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Stylish Comfort

Please focus on your footwear. Never sacrifice comfort completely for style. The best footwear is both comfortable and appealing because nothing is as unappealing as taking off nice shoes and trading them for white Sketchers for the walk to Lasalle Street Station.

Emergency Weather

Fall weather in Chicago can go from bad, to worse, to best day ever in a matter of hours. Therefore, what one might need in the morning might be different from what they should wear for the commute home. Therefore, bags are a must to keep small umbrellas handy and out of sight. However, this rule should not be just for women. Leather bags for the modern man can be found in very masculine styles from stores ranging from Macy's to Fossil and is a great place to put an umbrella and packed lunch. Another way to waterproof an outfit is to make sure outer layers such as a blazer be made from waterproof materials. Blazers do not need to be boring. It's the 21st century, a bit casual is totally appropriate in a business setting if it isn't the entire outfit.

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Robert Mathius is a Chicago suburb native who currently lives in Tinley Park. He has a passion for the automotive industry in addition to journalism and works to blend his two passions in his writing. Additional automotive reporting by Robert can be found on
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