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Argo Community High School Students Wait For New Graduation Date, Face Increased Security After Threats

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Seniors at Argo Community High School in southwest suburban Summit are waiting to find out when their graduation will be rescheduled, after Tuesday night's commencement was postponed due to social media threats.

The threats also have changed how the start of the school day is normally run, with officials searching students's bags before they enter the building.

A threat to the school was originally made on Sunday on Snapchat, stating, "For those who think I'm scared I myself will be shooting every class at Argo Community High School so if you come you are a target if you don't you are a lucky son of a b***h have a blessed day f*****s."

The student who made the threat was quickly identified, and arrested Monday morning, but a second person, a juvenile from Joliet, was arrested Tuesday after posting another threat on Snapchat. Authorities said that juvenile has no real connection to the school.

The second threat prompted the school to postpone Tuesday night's graduation ceremony. Officials said it would be rescheduled for a later date and students would be informed of the new date as soon as possible.

"Just one idiot doing something like that, and ruining it for hundreds and hundreds of kids and families; a lot of people were affected by that," said Jennifer Novak, whose son is a freshman at Argo.

Novak said reading the original threat was alarming.

"You feel it for other parents, but when it happens to you it's scary. It's really scary," she said.

She didn't send her son to class on Monday, and other parents also kept their kids home.

Police patrols at the school have been increased since the threats were made, and the school has stepped up its own security measures, including requiring students to come in through the main entrance only, where they must show their ID and open their backpacks before going inside.

Novak applauded how the school and police have handled the situation.

"They were swift. They were fast. I mean, they did everything they needed to do and it made us feel good," she said.

Superintendent Jill Kingsfield said the school expects to announce the new graduation ceremony date on Wednesday.

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