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April 6th: New Beer's Eve

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Easter and Passover may be taking the attention of many, but for a select few, it's the unofficial holiday of New Beer's Eve that's on their mind.

New Beers Eve goes back 79 years, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an act into law that legalized beer – marking the beginning of the end for Prohibition. As it turns out, this made many American citizens happy -- alcohol had been illegal for a whopping thirteen years. Naturally, everyone celebrated, lining up in front of bars on April 6th, waiting for this new law to go into effect at midnight.

And so, there was New Beer's Eve.

In the past, brewers, restaurants and bars--Goose Island, Socca and the now defunct Berghoff, to name a few--have all celebrated this tipsy tradition. Even the Chicago History Museum celebrated New Beer's Eve in 2011.

There is a notable lack of New Beer's Eve events this year though. A mystery that saddens many New Beer's Eve lovers. It seems that many just might be too busy preparing for the more family-oriented holidays on the horizon.

Which makes you wonder: what's wrong with everyone's priorities?


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