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Allen Robinson Says He's Trending Toward Playing When Bears Take On Packers Sunday

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Allen Robinson said he is trending in the right direction to play for the first time since Week 9.

He has been out with a hamstring injury after dealing with an ankle injury earlier this year. It's been a frustrating season for a guy who has easily been the Bears best receiver the last couple years.

"Seasons like this are tough. They're extremely tough – trying to compartmentalize, put certain things to the side, figuring how to improve, get better, change the results. It's tough when you have seasons like this," Robinson said. "Season not over. Got to push forward."

Facing Aaron Rodgers has been a frustrating experience highlighted by his "I still own you" comments to the fans last time the Bears and Packers played. Coach Matt Nagy and others downplayed the motivation factor on Wednesday, but Jaylon Johnson didn't hold back.

"Is it an insult? If I told you I own you, would that be an insult? Yeah. That's an insult to us too. We're all men too," Johnson said. "Things like that aren't fun to here, but s**t, we've got to do something about it. We've got to win. All the talking doesn't mean nothing."

Johnson said the Bears are not extra-driven to beat Green Bay. He said whether it's the Packers or the Jets, they just need to get a win at this point.

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