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'Vote Because Your Life Depends On It': 94-Year-Old Travels 300 Miles To Vote After Her Primary Ballot Was Late

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Nothing, not even hundreds of miles could stop 94-year-old Mildred Madison from voting this year. The Michigan woman is currently living in the Chicago area to care for her sister.

She usually votes absentee, but when her primary ballot was late coming in, she didn't want to take any chances.

Her children drove her 300 miles to Detroit Monday.

"I wasn't going to miss this at all," she said. "It was most important, no matter what I had to do. Vote because your life depends on it, not only for you but for you children and their children."

This is the 72nd year Madison has voted.

After handing in her ballot, Mildred and her family got back in their car and drove another 300 miles back to Chicago.

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