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Zolak On Cold Weather Super Bowl: 'One Of The Most Asinine Decisions' NFL Has Ever Made

BOSTON (CBS) - With Snowmageddon upon us here in Boston, it's not that much of a stretch to think that the Super Bowl in the Meadowlands could have the same wintry conditions a month from now.

Sports Hub host and Patriots color analyst Scott Zolak is torn.

On one hand, he hopes the weather isn't an issue because he'd like to be the one down there in North Jersey calling the game on Super Bowl Sunday.

But on the other hand, he's hoping the plan to put an outdoor, cold weather Super Bowl in a northern U.S. city blows up in the NFL's face.

"This is one of the most asinine decisions I've ever heard any league decide, that we are going to hold a Super Bowl in a potential Arctic climate. It's absolutely ridiculous to have the best pro sport have their championship game decided in that."

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Fellow Sports Hub host and former NFL veteran Mike Flynn also hates the idea of a cold weather Super Bowl.

Aside from the logistical nightmares that could arise from hosting the Super Bowl in a major metropolitan city during a blizzard, and what it would mean for people traveling to the game, Flynn doesn't think it's fair to have a championship game decided by weather.

"It doesn't make any sense to me. The idea that 'football players should be able to play in any type of environment' - well that's why you have your conference playoff runs. That's the advantage for a team like New England as the two seed. You have the possibility of hosting the conference championship game in weather that you're used to playing in."

"If you have a conference championship game in cold weather, so be it - you've earned that right. But the world championship? The Super Bowl should not be decided in snow," said Mike Flynn.

Listen below for the full discussion:

Cold Weather Super Bowl: 'One Of The Most Asinine Decisions' NFL Has Ever Made

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