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Young Owl Rescued From Watertown Golf Course

WATERTOWN (CBS) -- A baby owl was rescued by the Animal Rescue League on Thursday after it was abandoned by its parents in Watertown.

A resident spotted the bird at the edge of the Oakley Country Club earlier in the week and called ARL after it hadn't moved for several days.

The owl, estimated to be 4-6 weeks old, was on its own but too young to know how to fly or hunt properly.

A young owl needed to be rescued by the Animal Rescue League at a golf course in Watertown (Photo Via Animal Rescue League)

"The rescue itself was not easy," ARL said in a statement. "While attempting to secure the owl with an extended net, the owl was just out of reach and although too young to fly, it was able to reposition itself in surrounding branches to avoid the net."

ARL agents then deployed a throw weight around the branch and shook it. The owl was able to glide down to the golf course and once on the ground, an ARL agent safely caught the owl with a net.

The owl was in good condition and taken to Tufts Wildlife Clinic in North Grafton where it will be treated and then returned to the area it was found.

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