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Yankees S___? I Don't Think So. Red Sox do!

    Could it get any worse for this miserable Red Sox season?  They probably won't even get into the post season and could finish in last place and that's about as bad as it could get.    But wait.....there's more.......

     This team is rotting from the inside out and fans had better prepare for worse stuff to come.      As I mentioned many weeks ago, Bobby V had better see the sights and enjoy Boston this year, because it'll be his only year.    The teams terrible win/loss record is not Valentines fault by any means, but he was the wrong choice for the job from the get-go and all of these pompous asses in uniform have decided they're smarter than he is and almost none of them is playing up to potential.   There's some fairly decent hitting going on, but the Red Sox get 14 runs....their opponent gets 15.   Disgraceful......and disheartening I'm sure.    Pitchers from Josh Beckett on down are dreadful.   Beckett has gotta go and I'm sure Boston will try to drop him like a bad habit.....because he is...but who the hell is going pay a knucklehead, crybaby with 5 wins this season...$16 million to sign.     Nobody!!     And just to show the total lack of class by Beckett and most of his teammates, he didn't even show up for Johnny Pesky's wake.   One of the great gentlemen and legends of Red Sox baseball history dies and only four players showed up to pay their respects.   Yes only four....and Big Baby Beckett was not one of them.  The four who showed are Ortiz, Bucholz, Padilla and Saltalamacchia.    That's it....and the rest of that team proves the rotting from within.

     And to quote Michael Dukakis, "a fish rots from the head down" and at the head right now, Larry Lucchino is showing me nothing...I mean nothing, and it wouldn't surprise me to see Mr. Botox.....John Henry sell this rag-tag bunch of would-be baseball players as soon as golfing seasons begins for them...which is coming up very soon.

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