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Wyc Grousbeck: 'There's Another Step To Take' For Celtics To Become Real Contender

BOSTON (CBS) -- Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck told Felger & Mazz in an interview before the season that he doesn't believe the Celtics are as close to championship contention as many thought. After an 18-4 start, he's still sticking to that argument.

Grousbeck joined Felger & Mazz on Thursday to discuss a wide range of topics relating to the Celtics and the NBA. When asked if he still feels the same way about the team's status in the Eastern Conference despite their hot start, he said the team is still far off becoming legitimate contenders - even to come out of the east.

"I think we're in a mix of really good teams. We're playing well, but there's another step to take ... we're not there," said Grousbeck.

He also took issue with a recent hot take by the show that they would trade head coach Brad Stevens as a throw-in for Pelicans big man Anthony Davis.

"[The Celtics] may take our rights from this station for the sheer stupidity of that statement," Grousbeck joked (hopefully).

It sparked a longer debate about the value of coaching in the NBA, which Grousbeck argued "means everything."

Grousbeck also talked about the recent rule changes regarding the draft lottery and the Celtics' possible interest in free agents or mid-season trades. Listen above for the full interview!

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