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Would You Rather Spend $100 On Mayweather-Pacquiao Or $100 On Beer?

BOSTON (CBS) - It was another "Would You Rather Wednesday" on the Game of Jones! 98.5 The Sports Hub's Adam Jones was given the following choices by Rich Keefe.

Play along below:

- Would you rather start a NBA franchise with Anthony Davis OR Stephen Curry AND Klay Thompson?

"I think most teams would start with Anthony Davis over any other singular player. You'd take Davis over LeBron, Harden, Curry and all those guys because of his potential. Davis can shoot it, alters shots, and he's ridiculous. However, I'd still take the splash brothers," says Jones. "Curry and Thompson play so well with one another. I think Curry is close to Davis. I think Curry would be high on a lot of lists to start a franchise from scratch. I'd take the splash brothers backcourt but Davis is a stud."

- Would you rather play Hanley Ramirez in left field, third base, shortstop, or designated hitter?

"I think ideally at this point he's a third baseman. With the Red Sox roster though, you have to play him in left field. There is no other place to play him. He can't be designated hitter, what are you going to do with David Ortiz? Pop him at first base? It's frustrating because there is really nothing else that you can do unless you tell me you want to move Hanley back to shortstop, where he's probably just as bad defensively as he is in left field," says Jones. "My point is no matter where you play him, he's going to suck defensively. Left field should be able to protect him the most especially at Fenway Park."

- Would you rather spend $100 on the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight or $100 on beer?

"Give me the beer. Give me the $100 worth of beer. I'll enjoy that. How long is that fight going to last for? Like 90 minutes tops? Beer is going to last me longer Keefe so I'm going to take the more enjoyment of the $100 worth of beer."

Listen below for the full segment!

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