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Would You Rather: NFL Draft Edition

BOSTON (CBS) - It was another "Would You Rather Wednesday" on the Game of Jones! 98.5 The Sports Hub's Adam Jones was given the following choices by Rich Keefe.

Play along below:

- Would you rather draft for your team DE Shane Ray or DE Randy Gregory?

Randy Gregory_Shane Ray
Nebraska pass rusher Randy Gregory (L) and Shane Ray of Missouri (R) are both sliding down draft boards over character concerns.(Getty Images)

"I like both if I'm being honest. Randy Gregory I still think is the best pass rusher in the draft and I'm not really sure if it's all that close. The only reason he's falling is because he failed two drug tests at Nebraska and failed one at the combine, which I think is by far the biggest red flag. He's a little undersized but the evaluators I trust, and he held up pretty well as a run defender. I know that Melvin Gordon ran wild on Nebraska last year but it wasn't at Gregory, it was at the opposite side. I think Gregory is the best pass rusher in the draft. If he's there at 32 or if I had to pick for my own franchise, I'd prefer him to Shane Ray."

- Would you rather have for your team OT La'El Collins or OT Andrus Peat?

"I like Collins more than Peat before the news came out yesterday. I think they're close. I think they're the best two tackles in the draft. With Collins, even though he's not a suspect right now in a shooting of his pregnant ex-girlfriend, I would steer clear. I would go with Andrus Peat who has NFL blood lines. He didn't have the greatest season at Stanford but came in under a microscope. He's a freak. You talk about a guy that's ridiculously athletic, at least from an imposing size standpoint. If you asked me yesterday before the news on Collins, I would have chosen him. However, I would go with Peat."

- Would you rather have CB Marcus Peters (cornerback) and OL Ali Marpet (offensive lineman) or OL Laken Tomlinson and CB P.J. Williams?

"I would go with Peters and Marpet. I like Marcus Peters. I've said this before, I know there are issues with him off the field. If it's acting up with a head coach, if it's drugs and late to meetings and a little bit of a rough around the edges, I feel like you can work with that. I certainly think you can work with Marpet. For the other duo, Williams has fled the scene of a couple of hit and runs, speeding tickets, etc. -- that concerns me more than a guy that is fired up with his coach. I do like Tomlinson but I like the first combination better with Peters and Marpet."

- Would you rather your team draft WR Dorial Green-Beckham or WR Phillip Dorsett?

SEC Championship - Dorial Green-Beckham
Dorial Green-Beckham #15 of the Missouri Tigers scores a touchdown in the SEC Championship Game on December 7, 2013. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

"I'm not a huge fan of either player. I'm going to go with the cleaner prospect. For Green-Beckham, he allegedly shoved a woman down the stairs and he's failed multiple drug tests when he was at Missouri. He went to Oklahoma and never played there. The production was spotty at Missouri. Not a huge fan of him. His measurables are off the chart, but I don't trust him off the field. Dorsett also had quarterback issues at Miami. He's small but fast as can be. I trust him at a character stand point. I do think he has some measurables as well. I'd have to go with Dorsett."

- Focusing on the NFL Draft green room edition, would you rather have Lindsey Duke (Blake Bortles' ex-girlfriend) or Lauren Tannehill (Ryan Tannehill's wife)?

"Even taking the relationship status out of it for Lindsey Duke, I would sign off on that every single day of the week. This is no slight to Lauren Tannehill, but I would lean to Lindsey Duke in this scenario."

Listen below for the full discussion:

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