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Survey: More People Interested In Working From Home, Even After Pandemic

BOSTON (CBS) -- Many who work in the Boston area are not eager to get back to the office, even after a coronavirus vaccine becomes available. That's according to a new Pioneer Institute survey that asked more than 700 people if they will commute to work when the pandemic is over.

About 70% of respondents said they were now working at home because of the coronavirus. And once the pandemic is over, nearly 63% said they want to continue working from home - at least part time.

Nearly half said they were most happy to be avoiding the commute associated with their job, and others enjoyed greater flexibility.

"The survey results suggest that the pandemic may lead to significant shifts in attitudes toward commuting, with potentially large impacts on the demand for commercial real estate in major job centers, internet connectivity, and transit and transportation planning and budgeting," said Andrew Mikula of the Pioneer Institute.

The survey shows that respondents didn't necessarily want to work from home all the time. A plurality said they'd prefer to work from home two or three days of the week - only 14% said they'd want to work from home five days per week.

The worst thing about working from home? Fifty-three percent of those surveyed said they "miss the social interactions" in the workplace.

See the full survey results here.

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