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'Stay Home': Worcester Prepares For Epic Storm

WORCESTER (CBS) - The Worcester Public Works commissioner is pleading for patience from the public while crews operating 350 pieces of equipment are out getting important work done during the storm Saturday.

"The equipment that we have going out, we're going to probably have chains on the tires," said Commissioner Jay Fink. "That's what it's going to take to mobilize and get around the city. And if that's what it's going to take us to get around the city, please if you don't have that, stay home, stay off the roads."

Grocery store parking lots were packed Friday, and gas stations were jammed with drivers like plow operator Dino Poscano. "Making sure we've got the proper parts for the plow blades and stuff like that," he said.

"Today it's been nonstop all day, so it'll be really crazy until we close," said Eric Spencer, manager of Grafton Street True Value.

He decided to close the store during the storm Saturday and reopen the day after. "Sunday is broken shovel day. So, we'll probably sell more shovels on Sunday," he said.

The owner of Golden Pizza planned to open a few hours later than usual Saturday, to allow time to clear the snow outside the shop. He also called in extra drivers to ensure food is still hot when it arrives.

"We have to make sure everybody's safe, things like our drivers, like the cook who's coming to work for us. Everything has to be safe," said owner Sammy Aldarra. "The roads have to be clean, because we have to deliver the pizza and open the store."

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