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Worcester Police searching for suspect who stabbed bus driver

Police Search For Suspect Who Allegedly Stabbed Worcester Bus Driver
Police Search For Suspect Who Allegedly Stabbed Worcester Bus Driver 02:23

WORCESTER - The driver of a Worcester Regional Transit Authority bus was stabbed Wednesday afternoon.

It happened on Lincoln Street around 2:45 p.m. Police said a man dressed in black climbed on board and slashed at the driver's face and then ran off.

"Entered the bus here and stabbed the bus driver," said Worcester Police Lt. Sean Murtha. "We don't know if it was something random or whether they knew each other. That's something we'll uncover as part of the investigation.:

The driver radioed for help, and passengers on the bus called 911. Worcester Police said the driver suffered non-life threatening injuries and was taken to an area hospital. The driver received multiple stitches for a wound that stretched from his ear to his chin.

Police searched the area for the suspect, including stores in the Lincoln Plaza shopping center and the brush along I-290.

"There was an officer with a dog who was checking over shrubs and bushes and islands in the parking lot and an officer guarding, as I said, a garment that it looks like somebody threw away," witness Mark McCarthy said.

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