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Worcester Popeyes employees assaulted, restaurant vandalized after customers get wrong order

Worcester Popeyes attacked after customers receive wrong order
Worcester Popeyes attacked after customers receive wrong order 01:52

WORCESTER — Worcester police are looking for two suspects they say assaulted Popeyes employees and vandalized the Park Avenue fast-food restaurant Saturday.

The Park Avenue Popeyes in Worcester shut down Saturday night with employees posting closed signs on their drive-thru speakers and locking the doors.

Closed signs were taped on drive-thru speakers after a Worcester Popeyes was attacked on Saturday. WBZ-TV

Police reported to the restaurant at around 4:30 p.m. after receiving word of two men damaging restaurant equipment. When they arrived, the suspects had left the scene.

"I wanted to get a case of chicken," said one customer who was turned away by the closed signs. "I don't think they should deal with that. That's unacceptable. We appreciate our workers putting in the work every day. They have a lot of patience."  

Worcester Police are looking for two suspects responsible for vandalizing a Popeyes on Saturday. WBZ-TV

Witnesses told police that after being told an item wasn't available, they threatened the cashier and entered the restaurant. Once inside, they began throwing food at employees and destroyed restaurant equipment such as a computer, TV, and cash register. 

After leaving, they grabbed a rock and threw it at the drive-thru window, shattering the glass.

Employees gave a similar version of events, saying two people broke registers, threatened staff, and smashed windows after receiving a chicken sandwich without jalapenos.

"It's unfortunate," said one Worcester neighbor. "We should not be acting all barbaric. Let's be civilized."  

Two suspects damaged registers in a Worcester Popeyes after receiving a chicken sandwich without jalapenos. WBZ-TV

The news of the attack shocked loyal customers like John Joyce who just wanted some Popeyes on his birthday. 

"It's too bad because now I have to look for supper somewhere else," said Joyce. "Just because you don't get their way and they don't like it. It's just not acceptable. I'm sorry for the owners that they closed."

Worcester Police say they're looking for two suspects after employees handed over the violent surveillance video to investigators with the hopes that the attackers are caught.

"I'm kind of surprised that somebody would go do that inside of a business," said Joyce. "I mean it seems less and less respect for everybody now."

The incident is currently under investigation.

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