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Worcester Case Latest Theft Via 'Offer Up' App

WORCESTER (CBS) - A Worcester man is accused of stealing an Xbox from a man trying to sell the item to him through the app, "Offer Up."

Sunday's incident is the latest reported theft involving an attempted sale through the app, which connects buyers and sellers. A similar case occurred in Lynn a week earlier.

Offer Up

Worcester police arrested Yemdy Marte, 24, on charges of armed robbery and misleading a police investigation. Police have issued a warrant for a second suspect how was not immediately identified.

Police responded to 150 Belmont St. in Worcester about 4 p.m. Sunday for a report of an armed robbery.

When officers arrived, they met a 44-year-old man who told police that he had posted an ad to sell an Xbox through the "Offer Up" app, and had made arrangements to meet with a man at the Worcester address.

The victim told police he arrived at the address and texted the person that he was to meet. A short time later, a man later identified as Yemdy Marte exited the front door. Marte acknowledged the victim and then pointed to another unidentified man across the street.

The man across the street then approached Marte and began to have a conversation, police said. The second man then approached the victim and started to talk about the Xbox. Then, the second man snatched the Xbox from the victim's hands.

The victim told police he tried to resist but the second man placed one of his hands in his sweatshirt pocket, while making a gesture that he had a weapon. The victim feared for his safety and let the suspect run off.

As the victim spoke with police on Belmont Street, Marte was seen walking nearby. The victim pointed Marte out to police and identified him as the robber. Marte was then placed under arrest.

Meanwhile, Lynn police are searching for an armed suspect who stole an engagement ring from a woman who was trying to sell it to him through the same app on Nov. 21.

The 39-year-old victim had connected with the suspect through the "Offer Up" app to sell her ring, and had arranged to meet with the suspect on Duke Street in Lynn that morning, police said.

When she pulled up in her car, the suspect approached her driver's side window and asked to see the ring. She took out the ring, and the suspect pulled out a "machete-style knife" out of his waist band, grabbed the ring box and ran off, police said.

Police described the suspect as a Hispanic male with dark hair. An investigation is ongoing.

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