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Worcester, Boston Drivers Worst In Nation, New Study Says

BOSTON (CBS) - They say Boston drivers are the worst.

But a new report from Allstate Insurance shows they're not.

Read: The Full Report (.pdf)

Worcester drivers are.

Worcester is ranked the most dangerous city in the country to drive in, according to a new review of 200 U.S. cities by Allstate released Tuesday.

Konnie Lukes, who served as the city's mayor from 2007 to 2009 and is current a Worcester city councilor, said poor driving is an issue that has grown increasingly worse in recent years.

"In the last few years, I would say five years, it's accelerated," said Lukes. "Rudeness has accelerated. I've noticed it. Rudeness and discourtesy have become routine."

Lukes also added that it isn't only drivers who are guilty of road rage. She also believes that pedestrians in Worcester need to work on their behavior.

"It starts not just with the people behind the wheels. It starts with the folks that are using our streets and sidewalks," said Lukes. "I think we've all become used to a certain standard that unfortunately is very low in terms of our driving and pedestrian etiquette."

Boston was 199th in the survey, making it second worst.

Springfield was 197 and Providence was 196.

The report says the average Boston driver will get into an accident about once every four years.

Fort Collins, Colorado was number one. Brownsville, Texas was second, making those cities the least likely to experience collisions.

Study Finds Worcester, Boston Drivers Among Nation's Worst


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