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Worcester Art Museum connects "the local and the global" with impressive collections

Worcester Art Museum brings rare world history relics together with local culture
Worcester Art Museum brings rare world history relics together with local culture 03:03

WORCESTER - Visitors to the Worcester Art Museum can go on a ride through history from all around the world, with a pretty significant stop in medieval Europe.

From suits of armor to medieval weapons of war, the Higgins Collection of Arms and Armor is the second largest collection of its kind in the country. Jeffrey Forgeng, the curator, started at the old Higgins Armory, where from 1930 until 2013 it was all things armor and the Middle Ages. In 2014, the collection made a move to the Worcester Art Museum, where now it can lead you on a new path through time.

"Here the arms and armor is a starting point for an exploration that can go in any direction you'd like to take it," said Forgeng. "There is so much to discover."

Other exhibits in the collection include a special room from the 1100s, brought brick by brick from France. There's also a breathtaking mosaic from southern Turkey. 

The Worcester Art Museum itself is a medium-sized collection that hopes to leave a huge impact on visitors.

"For a museum of our size, we have an amazing amount of masterpieces assembled," said museum director Matthias Waschek.

Since 1898, this spot has been shining a light on not only world history but local history as well and bringing the two together to make the community connected to not only its past but the world's.

"We connect the local and the global," said Waschek. "So folk art, for instance, that was produced in central Massachusetts next to master works from Egypt. We are here to co-shape the local pride and local identity."

They hope to have a permanent display for the arms and armor collection in the next few years. For more information on the museum, you can visit its website.

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